Italian Government Scholarships call for application

The Italian Government awards scholarships for studying in  Italy both to foreign citizens and Italian citizens resident abroad (IRE). The  aim of these scholarships is fostering international cultural cooperation,  spreading the Italian language, culture and science knowledge and promoting the  economic and technological sectors of Italy all around the world. The list of  the countries whose citizens and IRE may apply, is on the Ministry of Foreign  Affairs and International Cooperation (MAECI) webpage
     A certain number of scholarships (named IRE scholarships) is  available for Italian citizens resident abroad only for the following countries:  Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Mexico, Peru,  South Africa, Tunisia, Uruguay and Venezuela.
     Italian citizens, employed  at offices of the Italian public administration, as well as their family even if  temporarily residing abroad, are not allowed to apply for IRE  Scholarships.
     These Scholarships are offered only for study/research  projects at higher education Institutions within the Italian State Education and  Research system (State Institutions and research centers, or legally recognized  by the competent State authority). The list of these Institutions is on the  Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR) webpage:
     It is NOT allowed to apply for study/ research projects at:
     foreign institutions (such as universities, academies, libraries, schools of any  kind) even if they operate in Italy;
     Centers or research laboratories not  legally recognized by the competent State authority
     The Ministry of  Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation also offers Scholarships to  foreign students for so-called “Special Projects” (please check the dedicated  section at the following address:

The deadline for applications is  0.00amMay 13 2015 for studies in Italy  during 2016.

The website with all of the  relevant information is: